Paul J. Foster

(1941 - present)


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Paul J. Foster

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Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Grew up in Denver’s Park Hill area.
Developed an early interest in photography, hiking and a love of nature.
Received Bachelor and Masters degrees in Architecture.
Practiced Architecture for 36 years in Colorado and Wyoming.
Appointed to the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission 1983
Chaired the Denver Landmark Preservation 1986-1987
Appointed Deputy Manager, Denver Parks and Recreation 1988-1994.
Started his study of watercolors at the Denver Art Museum in 2004.
Retired form Architecture 2006.
Joined the Colorado Watercolor Society in 2008.
CWS Vice President for Programs 2009-2011
Signature Member, Colorado Watercolor Society, 2010
Joined the LaVeta Gallery Fine Art Gallery in 2011