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Naomi Shachar

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Israeli born Naomi, grew up amidst the vivid culturally-diverse ethnic waves of immigrants (gathered from the four corners of the earth and bringing with them their traditional customs, clothing, and artifacts), that built and formed the newly established state, and left their impression on the developing artist. The rigid lines of professional architecture and interior designing in which she was educated inhibited her natural creativity and her personal and inherent propensity to artistic self-expression, so she oriented her endeavors in Israel towards combining art with business by manufacturing and uniquely hand-painting ceramic-ware that was marketed in high-end exclusive stores around the country. Arriving in California, Naomi has further developed her artistic skills under the tutelage of renowned wildlife and landscape artist Philip Journeay, and has come full circle finding parallel scenes and visions between her native country and the American West, home to the indigenous Indians, and the “Pioneer Spirit”. The interest and focus of Naomi’s painting subject-work revolves around capturing and presenting this time, landscape, and spirit. Naomi is a member of OPA – Oil Painters of America, and her art works can be found in private collectors’ hands.