Kim English

(1957 - present)


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Kim English

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Colorado based painter, Kim English, depicts in his paintings the simple beauty found in daily life. Known for his mastery of chiaroscuro, each piece speaks to the true focus of English's inspiration the harmony existing between light and shadow. His subject matter, ranging from a street side fruit stand in Mexico to sun filled windows, creates a particular mood, through which the viewer is introduced to charming scenarios that are wrapped in depth and texture, and are entirely about paint. This is the primary force of English's painting his astonishing manipulation of his medium. He maintains a feeling of spontaneity by completing each painting in one sitting the alla prima method. He says of using this method, Immediacy is important. Not only because it is often the nature of people, but for me it is the most instinctive way to paint.

English was born in 1957 in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in a rural community near Colorado Springs. After graduation from the Rocky Mountain School of Art he joined the faculty and later began teaching at the Art Students League of Denver and the Scottsdale Artists School. He has exhibited at the Allied Artists of America winning the Gold Medal of Honor; the National Academy of Design; the Artists of America-Denver Rotary Club; NAWA 21st Annual Exhibition; Arts for the Parks; the Colorado Governor’s Invitational – Loveland Museum; the A.R. Mitchell Memorial Museum of Western Art; The Knickerbocker 42nd Annual Exhibition; the Oil Painters of America and won both the Certificate of Merit and the Joseph Hartley Memorial Award at two Salmagundi Club Exhibitions. Kim English – Combining his love of travel with his enjoyment of observing human nature, Kim paints on location. Immediacy is apparent in his work because,according to Kim, it is the nature of his subjects and the most instinctive way to paint. “The process is like a performance. It combines the magic of spontaneity with candid observation of people.” Form and light are critical elements in his compositions of street and market scenes, fishing boats and interiors. He has participated in numerous exhibitions including the New York Allied Artists of America, the National Academy of Design, the National Academy of Western Arts, among others. Kim English was born February 1957 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was raised in rural America, in a small community near Colorado Springs. In 1978 he moved to Denver and attended the Rocky Mountain School of Art. After graduation, he went on to become a faculty member, and give demonstrations and workshops throughout the region. Currently he receives inspiration traveling throughout the world, capturing images of everyday life. Regarding his paintings, he says “Immediacy is important not only because it is often the nature of people, but for me it is the most instinctive way to paint. The process is like a performance. It’s the magic of spontaneous work combined with a candid observation of society that allows me to pursue the daily events of ordinary people as the theme of my work.”Kim is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Art.

Kim has been published in Southwest Art, Figure Drawing Workshop Magazine and Art Talk. Kim English paints people enjoying themselves with an extraordinary sense of personal pleasure. His quick, confident strokes, combined with an unusual ability to create contrast within light, result in a natural overall freshness in his work. Mr. English was raised in Colorado and received his formal education at the Rocky Mountain School of Art, where he then became a member of the faculty for six years. The artist currently travels the world capturing images of everyday life. “I find beauty in the everyday,” says English. “Through my work, I want to make people aware that everyday life is interesting and meaningful, that there is beauty all around them.” Mr. English’s work has been featured in Focus Santa Fe, Southwest Art Magazine, and Artists Magazine. He has received numerous awards, including the Gold Medal of Honor at the Allied Artists of America, and several distinctions from New York’s Salmagundi Club.