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Kay Lynne Sattler

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Kay Lynne Sattler has engaged in an exploration of materials which brings ageless elements together to create works of art. Her techniques are a sophisticated balance of hand constructed clay, or paint juxtaposed with the controlled use of precious metals. Through meticulous gilding techniques, she coaxes light to live in a serene sanctuary within the body of the clay or canvas. The collaboration is highly contemporary, yet primitive; exuding a sensuous and subtle elegance. To the surprise of the viewer, each piece glows in the faintest of light, recasting the role of contemporary art in today’s collections. Living as she does on the slope of an ancient volcano, the artist draws inspiration from the enduring and ephemeral forms of nature. One is drawn into the primal, pure and precise way in which Kay Lynne Sattler’s artistry evokes the elemental essence of creation.