Jeannie Paty

(1963 - )


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Jeannie Paty

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Two things I love are... my family and art. When I am not spending time with my family & friends, I am usually painting, thinking about painting or talking with another artist about painting. It's the process of creating that I can get so wrapped up in. I’ve been known to completely loose track of time while painting, as if time stops, and I am thankful for my family responsibilities to keep me grounded.

Contemporary Oil Painter with Fresh, Colorful Paintings to Enrich Your Life

Award winning artist, Jeannie Paty has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from the College of Architecture at Arizona State University. She worked as the lead graphic designer for a marketing company in Washington State before moving to Colorado & making the transition to fine art. Jeannie has also worked in a fine art gallery in Colorado while pursuing her painting career as a full-time artist.

A contemporary oil painter who is known for her fresh, colorful paintings, Jeannie’s artwork has been featured in the nationally acclaimed “Southwest Art Magazine” & as the Cover Artist for the international magazine “PEO Record”. She now finds herself instructing adults in the fine art of oil painting through workshops & weekly classes.

Born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland, Jeannie was exposed to art history & culture while growing up near the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian. She has been blessed with the opportunity to live in many places & travel extensively with her husband who works in the hotel industry. Jeannie currently lives in Colorado with her husband and her two children.