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When it happens- one experiences a sense of revelation, a joy and a curiosity that begs for closure. One feels in touch with another level – “focused” and swept up with the moment at hand. When the “creative” process calls – a painter accepts the challenge and is transformed to another level.

This transformation expresses my feelings when capturing the drama of nature with oil paints. Working outdoors affords me the opportunity to carefully study color, and light while quickly capturing the fleeting elements in time.

When I paint outdoors I witness an orchestration of these elements, somewhat like a conductor experiences with an orchestra. Struggling with that ever changing light, color, mood and atmosphere of the composition (painting), from the Richard Wagner grays of a foggy day to the crisp and sunny yellows of a John Philip Sousa march.

Painting is risk taking and with this challenge comes vision, hope and development. Honest about my paintings and emotional about the content, I can feel the bitter cold in my fingers on a winter morning, the dampness of the ocean mist against my face, and the sun baking on my back while struggling with the mood and subtle atmospheric changes of the painting.

I strive to stay open-minded while expanding my growth, knowledge, and skills in my quest to be a successful artist.