Broadmoor Gallery


Thursday, May 11, 2017, 3PM-8PM 



2017 Group Sculpture Show

Opening Reception

Thursday, May 11th 3pm-8pm


Over 600 Sculptures 

from 30 Artists 


20 Artists Attending the Opening 

Showcasing a variety of  subjects and styles sure to please even the most discerning collector.

Gerald Balciar “Leaders of the Pack”                 Carol Alleman “Aries Maple”


A unique opportunity to be exposed to the artists in an intimate setting.


                     Doug Hyde                                                   Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows
“Traditional or Contemporary?”                          “Giving Thanks for the Rain, the
——————————————————————–Grass and a Way of Life”

Featured Artists

Carol Alleman                                   Fred Fellows CA

Gerald Balciar                                   Veryl Goodnight

Sheila Beecham                                        Lisa Gordon

Mark Dziewior                             Richard V. Greeves

 Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows             Doug Hyde


Bill Nebeker CA “Waltzing Across Texas”                Jane Rankin “Periwinkle”

Greg Kelsey                                                 Pokey Park

Susan Kliewer                                           Jane Rankin

Curt Mattson                                       Cynthia Rigden

James Moore                                                     Rosetta

Bill Nebeker CA                                    Stefan Savides


          Rosetta “Red Fox”                                               Stefan Savides “Over & Under”

Sandy Scott                                         Rhonda Vickers

Bill and Renee Shisler                             Jarrett West

Scott Streadbeck                                  Fritz White CA

Margery Torrey                              Andrea Wilkinson

Kent Ullberg                                             Pete Zaluzec


Margery Torrey “River Master”                        Kent Ullberg “Waiting for Sockeye”


Broadmoor Galleries is pleased to present our 2017 Group Sculpture Show, these artists are bonded through the expression of art in the round.  The artists attending the reception will be available for questions about their work, techniques and inspiration.  Many of these artists are contemporaries and are familiar with each other from interactions in the art community, in a group setting they often emerge from their shells, they’re diffused and gain confidence in numbers.  

Come Join Us for this Special Event!

The show will take place in both the Traditional and Western Galleries on the exquisite Broadmoor Hotel grounds.



Wine and Art Reception:

Join us for our weekly Wine and Art Reception from 4-6:30 PM every Saturday at both galleries that bookend the exquisite Broadmoor Hotel.  

Visit Broadmoor Galleries over the weekend and explore the variety and beauty of works created by over 100 artists.  Encompassing pieces in the round to those on canvas and paper, our artists – ranging from regional to international – work in a multitude of media and styles.  New pieces are arriving daily, discover the fresh new works of the season!

The galleries enjoy two locations on the Broadmoor grounds, one emphasizing Traditional Art and the other focusing on Western, Wildlife and Sporting pieces.  From modern takes on traditional themes to timelessly elegant masterpieces, we provide a sophisticated and warm environment where collectors and appreciators will feel comfortable while perusing.


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