Upcoming: Alexander Onishenko – World Premiere of “The Act”

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Upcoming: Alexander Onishenko – World Premiere of “The Act”

October 18, 2013

World Premiere of "The Act" -Short Film: Saturday, October

19th, 3pm

An Artist falls in love with a Model, but does not tell her about his feelings.  He decides to express them through his art.  The Painter invites the Model to his studio for a portrait session.  The night before, the Model relives the last night with the man she loves.  During the session she recalls the passionate moments, unable to stop thinking of the man she lost.  The Painter intuitively feels her inner state and tries to pull her out of sadness: he imagines how he tenderly touches her, comforts her - he sees her happy and joyful.  When Painter finishes the portrait he realizes that his relationship is just imaginary, and the woman will leave anyway.  But Model gradually gets inspired; she discovers her female power through pain, loss and the Painter's admiration.  This is the story of how Passion transforms into Love -- with no condition, no possession, no limitation. Veronica Sulla.