Charles Timothy Prutzer

(1954 - )


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Charles Timothy Prutzer

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Charles Timothy Prutzer captures the wild. Working in watercolor, oil, and acrylic, his work shows remarkable range. He often sketches and paints plein air, from living subjects, not photographs, saying, “Distant snapshots don’t contain the spirit or honesty captured in plein air.”

At the age of 17, Prutzer began his extensive career as the youngest background artist on staff at the Denver Museum of Natural History. He has completed more than 30 large-scale wildlife murals for natural history museums, zoos, and nature reserves in the United States and abroad, including a three-dimensional, 60- by 30-foot cheetah and grey rhebuck diorama in South Africa.

Prutzer is one of only a handful of Americans invited to participate in field expeditions with the Artists for Nature Foundation, an international organization promoting nature conservation though art. A Colorado native, Prutzer developed and taught drawing-from-life college courses at Colorado zoos. He studied with renowned bird artist Donald Malick, museum artist William Traher, and Prix de West sculptor and painter George Carlson.