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Carol Alleman

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In late 2001, Carol Alleman expanded her artistic visions in clay to include the lost wax casting in bronze. Embracing the alchemistic nature of this ageless material and highly crafted process, she created her first bronze vessel, Miracles. Thus began the mystical and organic Tree of Life and Nature VesselSeries. This transition mirrored, to her, the longevity and ever changing character of nature as the bronze material holds inherent longevity and the patinas are ever, if softly, changing. Her signature, museum-quality work encompasses highly evolved, intricate patinas within the ancient vessel form. The infinity of the circular form, while open to receive and pour forth is a powerful essence for her. Companion Writings accompany each bronze – sharing the inspiration of each piece as she received it and typically includes a poem. She hopes and expects each piece to continue to speak to its caretaker, with a Voice that changes within each new season of their life. The companion writings are an integral part of the piece – a marriage in spirit. Combining the written word with her growing forest of bronze vessels, Carol additionally inspires audiences through her presentations and poetry readings. She is a Gardener of the Soul.

Born in rural Pennsylvania, Carol Alleman obtained her degree in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University (PA/USA) and continued graduate studies at the Lancaster Theological Seminary (PA/USA). Most recently, she has completed studies with various contemporary artists at the Scottsdale Artist School, Scottsdale, Arizona. She is an elected Signature Member of American Women Artists, a member of Allied Artists of America and a member of Artists for Conservation. She has completed numerous commissions, exhibits widely across North America including various museums and has earned awards in many juried shows, while appreciating an international collector base.